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Outsourcing software projects is the new normal globally. Hiring top remote talents for any of the IT-related services is ensuring several benefits. To ensure you get these benefits, you got to find reliable remote talents that can help you achieve what you want. To find remote talents there are multiple platforms and companies present in the market from where you can find and hire remote talents.

One of the places where you can find the top remote talents of the world is LevelUP. At LevelUP, you will find all types of engineers that will fit your budget and will deliver exactly as needed.

From monetary terms to productivity there are many benefits of hiring remote talent for your software development. 61% of workers say productivity rose from working remotely. And this is because workers, when having freedom, are more happy and happy employees always deliver the best and even more than the expectation.

Out of several perks and benefits to name, below are some of the top benefits you get from hiring remote talents:

● You get access to a wider talent pool
● Increase agility and resilience
● Transitioning to the future of work faster
● Employees save money
● Zero infrastructure costs
● Saving of paying extra perks to employees
● Workers are more satisfied
● You get more in less (money and time)
● Turnover rate decrease
● Less abuse environment, more productive results

We offer 4 types of hiring models. They are;

1. Time and material model
2. Fixed price model
3. Dedicated team model
4. Extended team model

Each model has its importance. And should be chosen based on your project requirement.

At LevelUP, we offer our clients all hiring models. They have the right to shift to any hiring model whenever they need to before or during the development phase. We understand the requirement changes and it needs immediate assistance which we are ready and open to cater. If our client is interested in choosing the developer on an hourly basis, he can and if want a developer on a project-based, he has the right to go with a project-based hiring model. We are a 100% cooperative company designed to benefit the purpose of the client.

To hire the world’s best talent remotely, you will first need to reach out to the world’s best companies that are offering remote talents. You will then need to find which company has the best talent that they claim in words.

Identify the capability of the remote developer to interview before hiring the remote talent. Do all your due diligence before attempting to collaborate with individual remote developers or an agency.

There are common steps that every company follows to allow you to hire remote talents and few have some unique ways to make you hire and attract. However, at LevelUP, you can hire the world’s best remote talents in just 4 simple steps.

1. Put your inquiry and talk to our expert
2. Select the most suited talent from the list of developers
3. Schedule an interview, test to taste the quality and expertise
4. Finalize the one you feel the best for your project and add into your team

We have no limitations in web or app. We have been in the IT industry for more than 10 years and employ employees that possess experience even more than the age of the company. We have the right skill set to cater for all types of IT requirements that including web development, web app development, app development (native and hybrid), 3rd party integration, migration, up-gradation, and more. If you have a unique set of requirements that you are unable to find on our page, feel free to reach us and our experts will guide you in the right direction.

Nice question! We at LevelUP believe in and practice transparency and loyalty. To prove that we use several smart tools like jeera, Basecamp, Trello and more as per the client’s convenience to keep every participant of the project in a single loop. With this practice, our developer keeps you updated with the daily status of the project, and applies the feedback if they get any from the client’s end when they get.

You will get an account created in the project management tool, where you will be able to overlook the progress of your project, interact with the developers and track every single phase and step of your project.

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