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With the LevelUP IT relocation services, we aim to deliv er higher security and better success by handling all phases from pre-hire to fully relocated and integrated employees. This makes for an excellent overview and in-depth understanding throughout the process for both the employee and your company, and at a much lower cost than alternatives.

Experienced Relocate developers from India

Moving an employee from one country to another can be challenging and costly for both the company and the employee, so we are committed to introducing a safe and easy Dedicated development team for international recruitment with a fully integrated relocation process. are excited for.

What We Do?

  • We thoughtfully screen and find the right developer to do your IT relocation.
  • You can have a face-to-face interview with your selected developer.
  • We also help newly hired candidates with transportation, work permits and guidance to settle down in your country.
  • We also manage all paperwork of your candidates, helping you focus on your core business tasks.

Our Working Methodologies

  • We have immense experience in relocating developers aboard, so you can trust us for a hassle-free transmission.
  • Our recruiters are expert in screening experienced developers in 3 to 4 weeks. And on average the relocation process can be completed within 7 weeks.
  • Our recruitment fees are affordable when compared to other IT relocation and staffing service providers.
  • We adhere to an advanced screening process and meet the developers personally before relocating them to your company.
  • Unlike any traditional IT staffing company, we don’t charge for resuming, screening and interviewing. You have to pay only after finalizing the talent.

Why Relocate Remote Developers with LevelUP?



Through our thoroughly tested recruitment process, you gain access to a vast pool of Indian IT talent who is known for their sound language skills and high cultural readiness. Together we will find the right candidate for your business for enhanced efficiency..



With an experienced provider like LevelUP, your company can hire highly qualified remote developers in a few weeks that will meet your needs as a result of our exhaustive recruitment process. Our swift and efficiency can help you outgrow your competition.



Right from obtaining work permits to successfully onboarding, we help each of your newly joined employees to settle in your company. We ensure that the entire relocation process is hassle-free for you to concentrate on your core business development activities.


With our access to a large pool of experienced IT-people, we can find IT-resources for every need. Connect with our Client recruitment experts

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FAQs About Hire Dedicated Software Development Team

You can easily manage an external dedicated remote team right from your computer screen. We facilitate hassle-free communication, and project management tools to stay connected with your development team round the clock.

Smart entrepreneurs tend to streamline and fasten their development process and yet need to hold full control on their teams. Dedicated development teams are ideal options for today’s entrepreneurs to make a difference and outgrow competition in their domains.

We follow Non-Disclosure Agreements with clients and with developers. The remote teams tend to sign and follow NDAs to assure the security of your intellectual property.

We follow Non-Disclosure Agreements with clients and with developers. The remote teams tend to sign and follow NDAs to assure the security of your intellectual property.

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