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Hire dedicated remote developers to get deliver flawless custom software development through their technical expertise and communication skills. Get remote software development with easy steps who works hand-in-hand with your in-house team.

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  • We initiate by analysing your business needs, nature of your business, your competition and your future perspectives. We have dedicated services that help us set up the process.

  • Intake call & Recruitment After identifying your needs and future expectations, we set up a list of high-profile experts for you to select. You can either start hiring an individual remote developer or build an entire cross-functional team. It depends on your requirement.

  • Workshop If you have a complex business structure, which is designed only for in-house developers, then we conduct workshop to help you learn agile software development practices to streamline your tasks and communication between the in-house and offshore teams.

Interview and
Hire Remote

  • Once our recruitment team analyse your development requirement. We create a list of dedicated developers by using a specialized tools and techniques from LevelUp IT specialists’ database. The selected candidates are hand-picked by our expert talent acquisition team. You can conduct multiple interviews to ensure that you have hired the best remote developers.
  • You can interview the candidates as per your convenient methods and as per your trusted tools. You can also request code samples, or can organize live coding sessions to analyse the talents. We also encourage our clients to visit our office in India to build a trust and to meet their dedicated remote development team. We also assist you to select the best methods and tools to select the best developers for successful projects.

Start Working

  • We ensure that your remote developers are well-equipped with the best-in-class IT infrastructure. Our offices located in India nurtures a vivid IT Community that ensures your remote development team works in lively, relaxing, and motivating environment.
  • Our HR and administration department take care of your onboarding process to ensure smooth integration of team extension from both the ends, remote and in-house. We also establish retention program that minimizes turnover and keeps job satisfaction in your team.
  • We also handle all your payroll and remuneration requirements including sick leaves, holidays, taxes, leaving you from many administrative hassles. With this you can focus on your core tasks and manage your team extension without any interruptions.
  • You can select any method to manage and hire remote development team. The majority of our clients have adopted agile methodologies where both in-house and offshore teams work hand-in-hand.

Ongoing support

  • To streamline your development process and manage all your projects, we also provide a dedicated project manager who stays connected with you and your dedicated development team, proactively working to track and manage your projects.
  • Your project manager can be responsible for multiple tasks including performance reviewing for developers, evaluating job satisfaction, analysing feedbacks, enhancing the team’s performance, and motivating professional growth.
  • We have best-in-class IT infrastructure, ensuring all your data, network, and employees are encrypted with high-end security layers.
  • We take all necessary measures to keep your data, network, and employees secure. All of our offices are equipped with control access systems, and your team is supported by our system administrators and information security officer. Additional security measures can be taken depending on your needs.
  • We conduct team-building activities that facilitate bonding between your developers, contributing in enhanced productivity and companionship to complete the project.

Why Clients Hire Our Dedicated Development Teams

Recruiting an in-house developer is expensive in this recession. Experience reduced costs up to 40% without compromising the quality of your project, if you Hire Remote software developers. LevelUp helps you to outgrow competition by leveraging top industrial talents that boost your project productivity.


operation costs

Decline your operation costs up to 40% by outsourcing your projects to our offshore development teams. You can reinvest the saving in your business development activities.


Focus on
strategic planning

When you Hire remote dedicated developers from LevelUp, you can focus on your core task, while we take care of your infrastructure, operations, and administration.


No Burden

LevelUp is a one-stop destination for all your development needs. Right from consultation to maintaining your digital products, our experts will take care of everything.

Build, Organize, & Transform Your Remote Teams Efficiently

Expand & Streamline Your Project Operations With Pre-vetted Remote Engineers.


Choose The Specialist To Build Your Team From Scratch

Select the right expert to build successful digital products. We at LevelUp facilitate versatile talents including software developers, UI/UX designers, quality analysts, product managers, project managers, business analyst and tech solution architects. Build your remote team from scratch to top management professionals to achieve your business goals.


Organize Your Specialist Into Multiple Teams Based On Skills

Hire, build and categorize multiple teams based on their skillsets. You can also hire remote team, dedicated project manager for each team right from wireframing, designing, front-end, development, testing and launching phases. Centralize every team from your desktop, managing them without any interruption to beat the competition.


Centralize All Teams for Better Collaboration

Centralize every operation and collaboration from your dashboard. Synchronize multiple teams with the help best project management tools. Encourage transparency, confidence and trust between the team by giving access to shared projects. At LevelUp, we ensure transparency and loyalty towards your in-house team, if you Hire Remote Talent with Confidence.

FAQs About Hire Dedicated Software Development Team

There are countless benefits if you hire remote software engineers, including reduced operational cost, enhanced productivity, improved quality, staying ahead of the competition, and achieving business goals.

Our remote teams tend to work in your time zone. We facilitate round-the-clock services to ensure a high customer satisfaction rate and quality project delivery.

Of course, it is your right. We facilitate our clients to take multiple interviews that help them to make an informed decision and to select the best experts that meet their exact business needs.

Yes, we respect our client’s privacy and policies and all our remote development processes are NDA signed.

LevelUp is a pioneer is for clients to Hire Dedicated Software Development Team. No matter you have a startup or an enterprise or an MNC, we got you covered for every development needs.

Yes, we also facilitate on-demand remote developers in our team. You can select them as per your flexible development requirements.

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